Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet

Easter Bunny Fridge MagnetMaterials:

1/2 sheet 7 Mesh Clear Plastic Canvas
2 – 6mm half-round black pompoms
2 – 1/4th inch white pompoms
1 – 5mm pink pompom
1 – 3/4th inch white pompom
Raffia in the following colors: Yellow and Blue
Yarn in the following colors: Pink and White

Symbol Color Stitch
symbol12 Yellow Tent
symbol2 White Slanted Gobelin
symbol11 Yellow Slanted Gobelin
symbol13 Blue Slanted Gobelin
symbol14 Lavender Tent
symbol5 Pink Slanted Gobelin



easter bunny plastic canvas pattern


easter egg plastic canvas pattern


1. Cut and stitch pieces as diagrammed. Make 1 bunny body and 1 Easter egg.

2. Overcast all outer edges of bunny using white. Overcast egg using matching colors.

3. Using the image of the finished magnet, glue the following in place:

  • small white pompom for muzzle
  • small pink pompom for nose
  • large white pompom for tail
  • half-round beads for eyes
  • egg between paws

4. Attach magnet to back.