Mobile Phone Covers

Mobile phone covers make great gifts for teenagers and grown-ups. Embellish with seasonal items for gift-giving all around the year. Bright colors, flowers and butterflies (above) will make it perfect for spring and summer, orange and burnt color fabric for fall (end of this page) and an angel doll (right) will make this a perfect gift for Christmas.

You can use leftover scraps of fabric and felt to make these mobile covers.

 Handmade Mobile Phone Covers - Homemade Gift Idea - Sewing Project

Angel mobile coverMaterials:

scraps of fabric/felt
round elastic
material for lining


1. Cut 3-1/2″ x 10-1/4″ pieces out of fabric or felt in your choice of colors.

2. Cut lining of the same size.

3. Sew the two short ends together with right sides facing each other. On one short side place the round elastic to form a loop.

4. Turn inside out and sew the 2 sides folding the strip to form a bag.

easy, handmade, embellished mobile phone cover5. Sew a button in front to adjust with the elastic loop.

6. Sew a loop at the back for putting key ring.

7. If necessary, sew a string when stitching the sides to have a hanging mobile cover.

8. Embellish with little felt patches or little characters taken off children’s hair pins or headbands.