A Summer Table Runner

floral summer table runner - easy sewing project

You can easily make one of these nice table runners in about half an hour. They can really dress up your table next time you have guests. Here's how to do it. Cut your fabric 18" wide and 48" long. Press all raw edges under 1/4". Turn under 1/4" again and stitch a narrow hem on all four … [Continue reading]

Embellished Flip Flops

Embellished Flip Flops - Summer/Beach Crafts

Warm weather is coming, and thoughts of sunshine and beach days are not far behind. Nothing conjures the thought of lazy summer days at the beach like a pair of flip-flops. Jazz up last year’s tired flip-flops, or make an inexpensive pair from the drug store look spectacular! In about 20 minutes … [Continue reading]

Easter Egg Coasters

Easter Egg Coasters

Materials: 7 Mesh Clear Plastic Canvas 7 Mesh Yellow Plastic Canvas Wooden Easter shape Yarn in the following colors: Mint Green, Lavender, … [Continue reading]

Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet

Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet

Materials: 1/2 sheet 7 Mesh Clear Plastic Canvas 2 - 6mm half-round black pompoms 2 - 1/4th inch white pompoms 1 - 5mm pink pompom 1 - 3/4th … [Continue reading]

Crochet Wedding Crafts E-book

Crochet Wedding Crafts E-book - Free Download

Many brides spend a lot of money on expensive plastic wedding favors and gifts for the guests that have no sentimental value. Many guests also spend … [Continue reading]

Crocheted Christmas Ornament (Bulb Cover)

Crocheted Christmas Ornament (Bulb Cover)

Designed By: Mary Blake MATERIALS: 1 bulb 2" round #10 thread 7/1.65mm steel hook 1/8" wide Ribbon Gauge: Not important to over all … [Continue reading]

15 Creative Ways To Use Crocheted Motifs

1. Attach motifs together to form curtains, scarves, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and table placemats. 2. Make a satin pillow the same size as … [Continue reading]

Crocheted Doll Dress

It doesn't matter what type or size doll you have, you can easily design your own doll dresses following a few simple steps. This article explains how … [Continue reading]

4th of July Scrunchie

4th of July Crocheted Scrunchie

Designed By: Mary Blake MATERIALS: Red, white, blue 4 - ply worsted weight yarn F - hook, band Stitches:   Bullion Stitch This stitch … [Continue reading]

Crocheted Bumpy Afghan

Materials: Worsted weight yarn Approximately: Color A - (Tan) 40 ounces (2265 yards) [1140 grams] Color B - (Teal) 27 ounces (1525 yards) [770 … [Continue reading]